Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where's DovBear? Writing a post. (duh)

Coming soon (I hope): A new post on the identity of the Aramean mentioned in Deut 26:5 that will (I hope) do a halfway decent job of explaining the presumed motives of the various interpreters. In particular, I wish to argue that the Sifrei, on this verse, is providing a pshat reading, ie, telling us who the Aramean is.

This matters because the verse is found in a passage that we are meant to say whenever we deliver first fruits to Jerusalem. Presumably, we're told to say those precise words, for some precise reason and, (also presumably) that reason hinges (to some degree at least) on the meaning of the words. If we recite the liturgy thinking the Aramean is Charlie when really he is George, well, something, on some level, is wrong.

A preview of the post can be found on Twitter.

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