Friday, September 18, 2009

An anthology of past Rosh Hashana posts

Rosh Hashana: Make it a one day holiday
Let's make it a one day holiday. You know... like the Torah says.

Seasonal pet peeves
Among them: The Rosh Hashana Recess. The refreshment break before musaf on Rosh Hashana should be abolished.

Davening Dilemma
All I really want for the High Holidays is a superbly-talented chazzan, in a magnificent room, leading a congregation of hundreds in prayer and song. And I want to be done by 1:30 pm.

Very familiar (almost)
In Tannaic times the chazan at the Nasi's minyan changed the nusach. What happened isn't what you'd expect.

Why we blow shofar on Rosh Hashana in our time
Short answer: Rabbe Yochana ben Zackai was at least as talented as forcing his opinions on others as a modern shul president.

A homily on teshuva
R. Eleazar b. Dordia visits a hooker and learns an important lesson about repentance.

The Purple Matzo Ball.
Does the New York TImes really think that this obcenity is an appropriate dumpling for Rosh Hashana?

Slichos make me sleepy
The new custom is to say Slichos at 10:30 PM. Traditionalists, of course, despise this. Not.

What I look for in a chazaan
My list.

Pro Piyutim
I think it's amusing that the frum thing to do nowadays is to complain about the High Holiday piyutim. This is because Orthodox Jews no longer appreciate words.

More of the same.

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