Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Jewish Service Heard Round the World, Live from Germany

For anti-Semitic reasons known only to the evil Jew hating editors, the New York Times chose to run a cover story earlier this week about a Jewish prayer service conducted by an army chaplain on German soil in 1944. The service was broadcast live on the radio, and heard in Germany and in the United States, and described by the on-site reporter as "the first Jewish religious service broadcast from Germany since the advent of Hitler". On the clip, you can hear bombs exploding in the background as the chazan, one Pvt. Max Fuches, sang Yigdal.

I imagine the service was arranged and put on the radio as a way of giving Hitler the proverbial finger. The glorious sound of Jewish infantry men singing "Ein kelokanu... ein k'moysheeanynu" achieves that quite nicely.
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