Tuesday, September 01, 2009

DovBear: The career anti-kryptonite

Last night, I spotted my one time guest-poster Barry Simon on the TeeVee. I wonder who will be next to make that jump.

Place your bets now.


Dr. Simon appeared on the History Channel's appallingly bad documentary about the Bible Codes. He's a code skeptic, yet the show (which was heavily biased toward Code supporters) made it seem like Simon accepted their legitimacy. As I wrote in 2007 in a post that explains why the Codes are bogus, Simon is a genius with a closet-full of advanced degrees and a tenured seat at Cal Tech. He is also a long-bearded Orthodox Jew. This last fact is relevant because it counters the knee-jerk assumption that anyone who opposes the codes opposes Judaism. Simon isn't anti-religion. He's a practicing Jew himself. He doesn't stand against Judaism. He stands against nonsense.

Search for more information about bogus religious claims at 4torah.com.

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