Thursday, September 03, 2009

Oh, you mean THAT Levi

Did you know that the (very) young man introduced at last year's GOP convention as the next Vice President's future son-in-law wore a mullet only a few days before his on-stage appearence? (Quote: "In the staged world, the handsome, expectant, unmarried couple held  hands while the whole auditorium applauded. In the real world, after whacking off Levi’s mullet, Sarah had to veto his plans to go partying and force him to hang around the hotel with her pregnant daughter.")

That and other gossipy revelations about loopy Sarah Palin and her dysfuctional white trash family can be found in a catty op-ed article I admit to reading only because its title [The Revenge of Levi] decieved me into thinking it might be about a biblical tribe.

Gail Collins: The revenge of Levi

Search for more information about how the boys at my sholashudis table would talk about Barak Obama if it was his daughter who was unmarried and pregnant at


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