Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Coming soon: Brokeback Mountain in Beckishes

The name of the film is Einayyim Pkuhot (Open Eyes), and judging from the trailer [see it here] it's yet another one of those pernicious films created not to entertain, or make money, but to Advance the Gay Agenda.

The plot summary [read it here] is familiar: a hot, young outcast tempts someone older and more settled into adultery and all the usual complications follow. The attempted twist is not just that the subjects are male, but they are both hard-core haredim, sequestered in haredi ground-zero: Meah Shearim. Unfortunately for the film makers we've seen this plot before: Brokeback Mountain gave us the exact same situation in Cowboy County, an equally unlikely setting.

I expect the critism of this carbon copy movie will duplicate what was said about the original. We'll hear again from the angry idiots about how Jewish filmakers out to degrade traditional values have made this movie only to attack morality (because nothing corrupts values more than two bearded haredim smooching)

This time around, the attack on Jews will have some merit, alas (no Jews were involved in Brokeback Mountain; this new movie was made by Israelis) but otherwise the predicted critism will suffer from at least one shortcoming. As before, when I pointed out that the same industry that created Brokeback Mountain gave us Passion of the Christ and Schindler's List, I'll be all be all too pleased to remind the angry cinema-hating idiots about Ushpizin.

So let the games begin.

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