Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Last night John Stewart Managed to Offend Me. But why?

Didn't much like how the nation's most trusted newsman opened his show last night. It began with the host wishing his audience a Happy Yom Kippur. After the applause Stewart said, "I celebrated, as I do, in the traditional way with a breakfast of.. um (giggles).. um... I believe it was a Baconnaise and lobster omelet... with a side of Jesus toast. (laughter) I'm what you'd call Reform." [see it]

After I finished being disturbed, and tweeting that the comment was "uncool", I started to wonder: Exactly what did Stweart do wrong? He's not frum. He likely doesn't believe in the Jewish God, if he believes in any God at all, and it's his job to make people laugh. So what was the problem? What value or principle did he betray? My wife, who was also mildly offended, suggested we didn't like that Stewart was "making fun of Judaism," but that's not it either: He, not our religion, was the butt of the joke here.

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