Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Biblical prophesies

If you look at the prophesies recited in the first 5 Books of Moses, you may notice something unusual: All of the really precise ones have come true already. Some examples:

God to Abraham: Your descendants will be exiled to Egypt where they will serve as slaves until I intervene and take them out. Check
God to Rivka: Those two sons in your stomach will produce nations, and the older one will serve the younger. Check (c. tenth century BCE: Edom was a vassal state to Israel)
Jacob to Joseph: Ephraim and Menashah will be important tribes. Check
Jacob to his sons: The rights of the first born will end up with Judah. Check.
Moses to the tribes: Your tribal boundaries will be as follows. Check.
Moses to the tribes: Various predictions about idol worship, divine punishment, and exile. Check

Can you think of a single precise prophecy from the first 5 books that addresses something that occured after the destruction of the first temple? I can't. I wonder what, if anything, that might mean....

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