Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wife Swapping

A guest post by JS:

TO had an interesting post about the limitations on women in the Orthodox world.

In the comments of that post, many comments indicated either that women didn't have it so bad after all or that, if anything, women got the better end of the deal. As a brief example, in terms of tznius, Gabe wrote tznius applies to all, it's just the details that are different, Mar Gavriel wrote he never uncovers his arms and legs and wears a wool jacket and a hat, and Yoni noted that men have to wear so many layers he wished he could wear lighter clothing like women can. Other comments indicated it's a huge pain to be a man and have to have the burden of all of the mitzvot - such as running to shul in bad weather, waking up early for minyan, having to learn, etc. And, of course, continuing from Rabbi Fink's post some pointed out how the Bar Mitzvah experience is terrible and how girls felt lucky to not have to endure it.

So, who's got the better deal in Orthodoxy? How many men would like the chance to swap with their wives? Any volunteers?

I care more about swapping in terms of obligations and rights in Orthodoxy, but let the comments go where they may.

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