Sunday, June 14, 2009

Netanyahu's big important speech

I don't have much yet to say about the big Bibi speech aside from that its mighty, mighty odd that me, the White House AND the staunchest, craziest RW Zionist I know all think it was a good speech.

Here are (some of) my real time reactions, as posted on Twitter [all sic]

i hope bibi makes it clear that Obama doesnt despise Israel. (not that my omnicient rw blogging friends would bellieve him anyway)

I dont know why Obama needs to be *more* proIsrael than Bush was in order to win love from those who said Bush was Israels BF ever

Can we drink every time #netanyahu says "ribono shel olam"

I note the anti Israel Jew hating liberal humanist secular baby eating media isnt carring the netanyahu speech in the usa

I take it back FOX the only torah true station has it live.

Breaking!!!!! Netanyahu just said he agrees with Obama plan (per translator)

Netanyahi says he and Obama are in agreement! Wow

FOX now discussing the speech... their pundits seem stunned

Is Bibi embracing the two state solution? Boruch hashem Boruch hashem.

what will it take to make RW Zionists see that Obama is not out to get them?

so the biggest and most obnoxious rw zionist I know lso liked the bibi speech. hmm which one of us heard it wrong?

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