Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sammy Davis' Menorah - No Sale

Posted by TikunOlam on DovBear's behalf (he is too busy for us all today)

From the New York Times

The silver menorah branches out from its stem at hard right angles, and the plastic rubies glued onto the base add more kitsch than glitz. But the auctioneer, Jonathan Greenstein, owner of J. Greenstein & Company, said the anonymous seller was hoping for bids as high as $15,000 — when similar menorahs would ordinarily go for closer to $800.

That’s because it once belonged to the entertainer
Sammy Davis Jr.

“It’s a tremendous conversation piece,” Mr. Greenstein said.

Conversation starter it may have been, but money magnet it was not. No bid met the $9,000 reserve, with the highest bid coming in at $8,000.

To see the full NYT article click here.

Search for more information about Sammy Davis Jr. at 4torah.com.

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