Thursday, June 11, 2009

Comment of the day (Obama's policies have not been radical) - Comments: "Obama's policies have not been radical. On foreign policy his approach is only marginally different from the approach of Bush 2007-2008. Many of Obama's domestic policies are the same or similar to Bush's. Many others differ, but tend to take a mainstream Democratic approach.

It is true that many people have the perception that Obama is America's and Israel's worst nightmare. And the blame for this lies squarely on the mainstream right wing media outlets (i.e. Fox News, Rush Limbaugh), which are constantly provoking anger, resentment, and hate by repeating and fabricating lies and distortions about Obama and his policies.

For a substantial amount of evidence for this, check Media Matters. Media Matters is a partisan source, but they tend to support their claims with evidence."

avian30 Email 06.11.09 - 4:22 pm #

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