Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Agudah: Shwecky is a "religious requirement"

From the as yet unsent Agudah letter, as reported by the Forward:
“The reports in the media pillory Rabbi Glanz, in the most cynical and derogatory fashion imaginable, for his role in accommodating Jewish prisoners’ religious requirements and helping them participate, personally or vicariously, in milestone family celebrations,”
Yesterday, we pointed out that Agudah is (surprise!) not telling the precise, literal truth about how the media covered the chaplain scandal. Today, we wish to add that Agudah not telling the precise, literal truth about the chaplain's behavior. Though Agudah pretends the poor rabbi was merely helping Jewish prisoners fulfil their "religious requirements" the truth is that the chaplain ran into trouble, not for studying and praying with Jewish prisoners, but for arranging a lavish Bar Mitzvah party, featuring catered food, and high-priced celebrity entertainment, in the form of Schwecky, the second tier crooner. To suggest this extravagancy is a "religious requirement" is obscene, and sadly surprising from an organization that claims to always take detailed and specific direction from the Gedolim.

(with an assist from the superb Rafi G.)

Hedyot adds: "Another thing this story shows is what a bunch of BS it is when Agudah (and others) defends itself on the molestation issue using the argument of, "Well, of course we didn't say anything about Kolko (or the others) all those years! We're not responsible for everything that goes on in the chareidi world!"As is so clearly demonstrated in their action here, when they care about something, they speak up, regardless of if it has any direct involvement of their organization.

Well yes, Hedyot, we've noticed that, too.

As I wrote in 2006: In the past, you, as an individual have published fiery condemnantions of Conservative Judaism, feminism, and religious pluralism. You've had 23 letters published in the New York Times, many of them filled with indignation. And your work on Cross Currents, the worst blog in the world, ranges from attacks on homosexuals to liberals to the media. But now, when a child molester who has enjoyed the protection of Agudah Rabbis is caught in your own back yard, the cat finally catches your famously flapping tounge? Now, the blood pressure medicine begins to work? More

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