Thursday, June 11, 2009

Holocaust Museum Shooting: At least partially Obama's Fault

Well, score another one for me, (unless scoring one for me makes me appear egomaniacal, in which case don't bother.)

Yesterday: Someone will claim that something about Obama (his manner, his speech, his ears, something) "emboldened" the shooter.

Today: The "Obama effect ... [has] generated a backlash of white supremacy," Northeastern criminologist Jack Levin told CNN Wednesday. "Jews and blacks in the White House – that's threatening to someone who believes that blacks are subhuman and Jews are the children of the devil."

A valid point. If only Obama was whiter, and surrounded by fewer Jews, all the RW crazies would throw away their guns and join library societies.

Anyway... the Obama Effect? I smell a new meme, which comes right on time given how stale and putrid the "he relies too heavily on his teleprompter meme" has become. I think "Obama Effect" is a very slick way to place the blame for everything and anything squarely where it belongs: On the shoulders of Barak Hussein Obama. Lost your job? Obama Effect. Got Dumped? Obama Effect. Hit the 1 million visitor mark? Obama Effect.

Here are some more:

-- Suddenly find yourself doubting long held and deeply cherished ideals like "personal responsibility?" Totally the Obama Effect.

-- Believe your macho prime minister is too much of a spineless wimp to stand up to a little diplomatic gamesmanship? Big time Obama Effect.

-- Driven to the heights of frantic terror over an unsourced Galei Tzahal report of what is obviously an absurd and impossibly stupid "mideast peace plan?" Total Obama Effect.

-- Epileptic about a photograph in which the president appears to be relaxing with his feet on the desk? You got it. Obama Effect.

(Is this a good time to remind everyone about the Bush Effect? You know, when those crazy liberals went around shooting up the Reagan Museum, and murdering anti-abortion ministers? Oh wait. That didn't happen.)

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