Tuesday, June 09, 2009

A criticism of Obama's speech DB "two million percent" agrees with

Posted by TikunOlam on DovBear's behalf (apparently he has better things to do today)

For those of you who thought DB was blinded by the halo that hovers above President Obama's head. . .here is a NYT article that DB sent me this morning, a criticism of Obama's speech written by Egyptian Jew, Professor Andre Aciman. DB said that he "two million percent" agrees with what Prof. Aciman has to say.


The president never said a word about me. Or, for that matter, about any of the other 800,000 or so Jews born in the Middle East who fled the Arab and Muslim world or who were summarily expelled for being Jewish in the 20th century. With all his references to the history of Islam and to its (questionable) “proud tradition of tolerance” of other faiths, Mr. Obama never said anything about those Jews whose ancestors had been living in Arab lands long before the advent of Islam but were its first victims once rampant nationalism swept over the Arab world.

Nor did he bother to mention that with this flight and expulsion, Jewish assets were — let’s call it by its proper name — looted. Mr. Obama never mentioned the belongings I still own in Egypt and will never recover. My mother’s house, my father’s factory, our life in Egypt, our friends, our books, our cars, my bicycle. We are, each one of us, not just defined by the arrangement of protein molecules in our cells, but also by the things we call our own. Take away our things and something in us dies. Losing his wealth, his home, the life he had built, killed my father. He didn’t die right away; it took four decades of exile to finish him off.

For the article in its entirety click here.


Fred makes a killer point: Why blame Obama [for neglecting to mention this] when Ashkenazi Jews could give two hoots about it, themselves? When was the last time any pearly white Polish or Hungarian Jew shed a tear for the crime committed against his Arab-Jewish brothers? The Brays of the world hardly consider them Jews.

Search for more information about Jewish expulsion from Arab countries at 4torah.com.

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