Thursday, April 02, 2009

When America Sneezes

A Guest Post by SM

My oh my but things are different on your side of the pond. Not only can I not imagine any Rabbi in the UK inviting his congregation to arson without enormous and massive condemnation (even if only because us Anglos are keen to show the non-Jews that we are law abiding and gentle, donchaknow), but you are streets ahead of us with this.

This site appears to be, at least in part, for 'Orthodox' Jews who wish to commit adultery - presumably working on the basis that 90% is an 'A' anyway and perfection is too difficult to aim for.

It's bizarre. At first I thought that Moreinu Harav Pinky was having a Purim prank, but it appears to be real. It is (unintentionally no doubt) a comment on the community it serves which is, presumably, a place in which hypocrisy is so entrenched that people will actually join something like this.

Who said that Judaism doesn't change?

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