Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Today in the Jew hating anti-Semitic trash New York Times*

*Note: The New York Times does not hate Jews. This is myth, propogated for political reasons, by RW Jews and/or Zionists. Jew-friendly articles appear in the Times with fair frequency.

On Staten Island, a Jewish Cemetery Where All Are Equals in Death At right, stands Rabbi Shmuel Plafker at a funeral service for Jeffrey Lynn Schneider. The article is about Rabbi Plafker, and the cemetary where poor Jews are provided with free funerals.

Also of note: Two Passover articles in the Dining section. One discussed dairy dishes for the Seder; the other told about a chef invited by D.C Lubovitch to teach Mexican style Passover dishes. Money quote: Somebody who kept kosher had to light the stove,” said [the chef], who is not kosher. “I had to crack open every one of the 100 eggs I used for a flan and put each one in a separate bowl to make sure there was no blood in them.”

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