Friday, April 17, 2009

I won't stand in their way...

The governor of Texas and Tom Delay are talking succession, and I think that's great. Let them go. The other 49 states can happily offer asylum to any liberal refugees from the New Confederacy, and watching Texas disintegrate into third world dysfunction will be great fun.

Of course it won't happen, but only because Tom Delay and the Governor of Texas are a pair of loud mouth do nothings. And by this time tomorrow, they'll both probably be back to waving the flag, and calling the rest of us traitors.

MACHO BS Alert @ 36 seconds: Catch Delay complimenting the governor for "fighting like a Texan." Not to disrespectful, but aren't Texan warriars best known for getting massacred at the Alamo? Besides, the governor isn't fighting. He's just shooting off his mouth, and making empty threats. Like any neocon, he'll send someone else's son to the front if any fighting is required.

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