Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The palooza of past Pesach posts continues

Part 1 here

Special chumrot (don't miss the comments)
Pesach: One holiday or two?
What does afikomin really mean?
Was the first matzo kosher for Passover?
Long live the macaroon
A (great) story about a matzah factory
Really, all you need to know about the 10 plagues

These posts and others, together with noteworthy comments, are being assembled into my forthcoming book "DovBear on the Holidays."

Look for it this summer on Lulu, or via the better blogs.

PS: I see JP has an item today about the 1897 sun blessing ceremony I discussed two weeks ago. I presume they got it from A7 or VIN, and not me (though I had it ahead of both A7 and VIN) None of us, alas, are acknowledged.

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