Thursday, April 23, 2009

How dare Obama smile at dictators?

Thanks and all honor to (sex) Rabbi Shmuli Boteach for sounding the alarm about President Obama. The fact that the president smiled at Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez is indeed, a source of great national and personal humiliation, and an indication of the president's unprecedented venality.

As Shmuli put it: "How oppressive must a leader be before we determine that he has not merited a hug by the democratic standard-bearer of the free world, the president of the United States?"

I would, therefore, encourage the president to emulate the powerful and shining examples of his GOP predecessors. For his reference, and yours, I've assembled the following photo montage of Republican Presidents greeting evil dictators in the manner they so richly deserve:

1. George W. Bush scowling at King Abdullah of Suadi Arabia
2. George W. Bush giving the finger to Islam Karimov, the President of Uzbekistan
3. Reagen snubbing Mikhael Gorbachav
4. Reagen using his body to block Suharto of Indionesia from entering the Oval Office.
4. Gerald Ford scratching out Leonid Brezhnev's eyes
5. Nixon mooning Chairman Mao

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