Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I keep hearing that Barak Obama is some kind of tyrant. Thank God for John Stewart:
And while President Bush was the one who started the bailout, nationalizing an insurance company, added a $17 trillion drug prescription entitlement program, had a government-mandated public school initiative, literally titled No Child Left Behind,' wiretapped citizens without warrants, created secret internment camps in international waters behind the reach of our justice system and allowed his vice president to live in a netherworld between the executive and legislative branch. Only now... has tyranny come to our shores.
"If I remember correctly," Stewart continued, "When disagreement was expressed about [Geroge W. Bush's] actions when ya'll were in power, I believe the response was 'Why do you hate America,' Watch what you say,' Love it or leave it' and Suck on my truck nuts.'" See it

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