Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Very Odd

Five days aga, I wrote a short post congratulating myself for having better Blogad stats than Cross Currents. Though I provided a link to the stats, I didn't publish the numbers on my blog, nor were they mentioned in the comments.

This morning, an anonymous commenter asked:
So did they suddenly jump ahead of you by nearly 5000 page views, or was this a joke?
How puzzling. In just five days, Cross Currents has managed to add 5000 page views to their estimated weekly totals. Blogad stats are estimates of future performance based on past results. When I wrote the post, the system was estimating that Cross Currents would receives 8000 or so page views per week. Now, five days later, the estimate is 13000 and change. How CC managed this jump is anyone's guess.

Stranger still, the commenter appears to have seen the stats from five days ago. How else would he know that Cross Currents had improved its estimate by about 5000 page views? Yet, in his comment the man attempts to undermine my original post, and the idea that my numbers were ever better than Cross Currents', by suggesting the post was a joke. Hmmm.

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