Friday, March 09, 2007


Wow. As a commenter at YouTube put it, if Rudy wins the nomination the Dems ought to run this ad 24/7 with a scroll across the bottom "telling about how Rudy had NYC cops shuttling his mistresses in and out of the Governor's mansion while Donna and their kid were upstairs."

(Additionally, check out the scene in which Rudy wears a catcher's mitt though his kid's using a batting tee)

My true thoughts on Rudy
(1) He did a great, great, great job as Mayor from 9/11 until the end of his term two months later.
(2) NYC became a much safer place during his 8 years as Mayor. Though I recognize the issue is complicated, I'm happy to give him credit. He was the boss, after all. (This also why I credit Clinton for the great economy we enjoyed at the end of the 90s)
(3) I don't think his serial infidelities should disqualify him from the presidency (felt the same way about Clinton, too)
(4) As Jimmy Breslin put it, Rudy's "a small man looking for a balcony." Stings, because its true.
(5) I think he'd make a lousy president, not least because he's a cowboy, like Bush.
(6) I hope he wins the nomination, though, because it'll be great fun watching all the pious hypocrites squirm. I'm still waiting for someone to explain why the Clenis is always in play, but Rudy's philandering is off the table.

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