Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Are your girls home from school today?

Many of you who live in and around NYC and send your daughters to Frummy Freda schools are, today, a bit perturbed. You still have to go to work, and Pesach is a full seven days away, yet your girls are home. What are you supposed to do? Skip work and watch them? Hire a sitter? And how can you possibly get the house ready for the coming holiday when a lot of little girls are running around with their sticky fingers and cookie crumbs.

The school's official explanation for inconveniencing you this way is that helping clean for Pesach is an important part of a girl's chinuch (Jewish education). This excuse, however, is about as bogus as it gets. Even an unreconstructed kiruv clown wouldn't be caught dead trying to sell that story at a seminar. The schools close this far in advance for one reason and one reason only: The teachers are a bunch of whiners who think they, unlike every other working professional in the universe, are entitled to time off for cleaning.

And if you pay full tuition you should get on the phone and tell the principal that you think that sucks.

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