Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I'm making a list...

I don't mind sincere moralists, but pious frauds like Ann Coulter make me reach for my revolver. And there are others like her, who despite their bad manners, and reprehensible views are forever invited to appear on television, and to address conventions. Some of them also are listed on the sidebars of Jewish blogs, and often quoted favorably by bloggers who otherwise present themselves as moral, value-driven, Torah True men and women. (list on request)

This makes no sense.

Unless these bloggers are pious frauds themselves, the only explanation is that they are operating under the misaprehension that Ann and her ilk are good people. So allow me to do the necessary disabusing. What follows is a short list of famous conservative commentators who should be anathema to anyone who claims to care about Torah ideals.

Ann Coulter: I, II, III [Summary]
Michelle Malkin I [Summary]
William Donohue I [Summary]

Add more if you like (and don't be shy about adding liberals, too. I'm well aware that there are some who belong to the same category)

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