Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tzioni Tzizis Check

A close friend writes:

"I spent last shabbat in the congenial surroundings of Miami, and attended the'Bal Harbour Shul'. The Rav is an energetic Chabadnik - Rabbi Lipskar, who has an eclectic community of several hundred, including many retirees. The service has strong Meschichist overtones. However - on this shabbat the guest of honour was the Rav Rashi of Israel, Harav Yonah Metzger. He was honoured with Shishi, and the recitation of the prayer for Israel. He pronounced: "Mi sheberachavotenu Avraham Yitzhak yevarech et Eretz Yisrael hakedoshah...."

The Rav Rashi refuses to use the universal nusach of "Medinat Yisrael"?????? What a disgrace. I was horrified."


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