Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I made it to 1 million

Today's the day boys and girls. DovBear is in the millionaire's club. Thanks to you and your sticky fingers, we registered our 1 millionth page load about 2 hours ago.

How did this happen? Well, of course, serial commenters and visitors like [I'm not naming any of you for fear of forgetting someone] had a lot to do with it. Your sharp humor, wise insights, irrational anger, smug indignation, and transparent jealousy are a large part of the blog's success. Thank you for your friendship and support.

Though I feel somewhat obligated to write a horn-blowing post about my many accomplishments, with links to my best-liked posts I'm really not in the mood. (The line from Esther, the Book of, about how Haman boasted to his wife and entourage about his wealth, sons and achievements keeps going through my head.) Also, elaborate self-praise (though a highly venerated j-blogosphere tradition) would miss the point here. Arriving at 1 million is your accomplishment. You're the ones doing the clicking.

So, instead let me give the (second to) last word to SM, a new and much-valued member of the commenting community. I think his take nicely sums up the DovBear experience:

A completely Jewish experience. 1,000,000 hits; almost certainly 600,000+ by the same 100 people who come every week; most of them hate each other and all that unites them is that they don't like you. Most of the people who come don't say anything much, and the best way of attracting traffic is by dissing the others. Mazel tov - you're a Rov with a shul!
PS. Please can I stand for the Board of Management. I LOVE it here
Thank you all for visiting, again and again, and may we be zocheh to laugh and argue together 1 million more times.

PS: The next milestone is 100,000 haloscan comments. As of this second I have 98,312.

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