Monday, March 19, 2007

I tried

So far not one big blogger has written to tell me that s/he is willing to help judge the proposed quality awards. I don't understand their indifference.

Our blogs are successful (in part) because smaller bloggers read us, and link to us. I can't understand why the big bloggers aren't willing to return the favor by helping to organize a contest that recognizes high quality posts, written by smaller bloggers, and rewards them with links and traffic.

Now, to be fair, some bloggers (like me) already do this informally. We accept contributions from other bloggers, and link to good posts that we find on our own or that have been brought to our attention by email. I will continue to do this. So there's no confusion, or bad feelings, let me be clear about the policy: Bloggers of all size are invited, no encouraged, to send links to their best work to Time and space permitted, I will post them on DovBear (if they're good, and not contrary to the goals of the blog.)

It's my way fo saying thank you for your continued support.

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