Monday, March 26, 2007

A test of Ed's Honesty

There's a new blog in town, written by a man claiming to have been a mashgiach at Le Marias. The man left Le Marias (he claims) because the OU (he claims) fell down on the job of guaranteeing the kashrus of the restaurant.

I'm not linking to the blog because the guy sounds like a loony tune, but it will be interesting to see how Ed responds. Will Ed side with the blogger, or will he insist that the Rabbis at the OU are wise, hard-working, committed to the community, and therefore, infallible and immune to all charges of misconduct.

The wrinkle here is that the mashigiach is an UO guy, and the Rabbis having the mud hurled at them are MO. Will Ed obey his golden rule and defer to the authority of the Rabbis no matter what? Or will he argue on behalf of his fellow UO traveler?

I'm betting he goes with the blogger. Ed?

(And what about DovBear? Well, I hope I'm honest enough to follow the evidence wherever it goes. Right now, the mashgiach has nothing. It's he said/she said. Back, when Kolko was still a case of he said/she said I stayed out of the fray. I didn't write one word about it until after there was corroboration in the form of a magazine article, an arrest and a lawsuit. And because there is no corroboration here, I would have stayed out of this, too, if it weren't for the fact that I can't resist tweaking my hypocriticial pal Eddie.)

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