Monday, March 14, 2005


Matt Drudge, who reads Playgirl for the articles, I'm sure, reports that Playgirl editor-in-chief Michele Zipp has "outed" herself as a Republican. And yes, you can take this as proof that being a Republican is loads more humiliating that working for Playgirl.


President Bush has nominated Michael Griffin to run NASA. Previously, Grifin worked in the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization as the deputy for technology in 1986. This was the group charged by former President Ronald Regan to find a "Star Wars"-like space-based missile defence system.

So there you have it: more proof that nothing succeeds like failure in the Bush Administration. Bright side: NASA will kill fewer astronauts when 'failure to launch' becomes status quo.


And finally: Why does the White House call it “A Conversation on Strengthening Social Security" when those who speak up in disagreement are forcibly removed from sight before anyone can hear what they said?

Updated Janaury 11, 2007