Monday, March 28, 2005

Daniel Lapin, beware

The religious right has turned on Jeb Bush, accusing him of betraying Terri Schivio and of demonstrating indifference to Christian values.
The Crossroads pro-life organization issued a statement comparing Bush with Pontius Pilate, who presided over the Crucifixion: "This Holy Week, another governor must be asking himself, 'Is one helpless woman's life worth my political career?'
Meanwhile, President Bush's approval ratings hit new lows, 43% and 45% respectively.

Daniel Lapin are you listening? You, and other Christian apologists, insist that evangelicals are our closest, firmest friends. Well, how do you think they will react to you, and to us, when Christians finally realize that there values and our values do not, in all things, coincide?