Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Boiling down the blogs

Too dyslexic to read all of the Jewish blogs? Unwilling to invest your precious time in blogs that might not be good? Help is here.

For your convenience, here's a boiled down version of some of the better blogs. [Idea stolen from inspired by Zman Biur]

Mis-Nagid:Yeah, the Torah's a genre mistake.
Bloghd: Yeah, the only commentary on the news you need is me. And my Dad.

Shtriemal: Yeah, my life is a mess, and I'm a big loser. Or, I play one on my blog. No one but my hairdresser knows for sure.
Aidel Maidel: Sorry! Too busy to post.
Godol Hador: Yeah, the Gedolim are whacked (and just between you and me, I am smarter than all of them.).
Shmarya: Yeah, Chabad is whacked.
Pravda Ne'eman:Yeah, the Yated's a tool

Ben Chorin Yeah, the leftists are flushing Israel down the crapper
SoccerDad: Yeah, the media is all lies (except the media I cite favorably on my blog)
MoChassid: Yeah, I'm opinionated. (Prune hamantashin are better, damn it!)
Israelly Cool: Yeah, I hate Arabs. (but I love LGF.)
Noa: Yeah, I'm engaged.
Rashi's Daughter: Yeah, I'm a girl
Velvel: Yeah, I have a band
PsychoToddler:Yeah, I do too
ChayyeiSarah:Yeah, I'm a professional writer (With friends! Lots of friends! Who I love! Yay!)

Kesher: Yeah, I drop a hell of a lot of links (None for you, though, bubalah.)
Urban Kvetch: Yeah, I'm Jewish and funny. Very funny.

Ren Reb: Yeah, I (sometimes) hate being a rebbetzen (but I love rabbis CSI!)
DovBear:Yeah, the GOP is made up of lying, thieving crooks, and 21st century Jewish culture emphasizes the wrong things.
Hirhurim: Yeah, I read way too much ---when I'm not stalking gedolim, that is.

Important NB

If you were excluded I either (a) hate you; (b) am trying to tell you something; (c) frequently get together with other bloggers to talk about you behind your back; (d) consider you and your blog to be both pointless and irrelevant or; (e) find you difficult to sterotype because your blog isn't one dimensional.

Note: Choice (e) is most likely.