Wednesday, March 23, 2005

On the Home Front

My father-in-law, normally a wonderful guy, is causing trouble.

"I am not coming to your Purim Seudah unless you serve meat, and the meat has to be the primary dish."

Mrs. DovBear makes an excellent tuna-steak, and given that Purim falls on Friday this year, she planned on serving that.

"No good," said her father and lord help me but I gave him the Mis-Nagid answer.

I said: "Do you really think God is going to be offended if we serve fish instead of beef?"

We asked a Rabbi who said, and I quote, serve anything you want. And we are. The father-in-law has been told that he's welcome to bring any additional dishes he desires and we'll be pleased to serve them, which should work out okay.


What would holiday feasting be without family fights, resentment and bad feelings?