Sunday, March 27, 2005

Dabbling in the mystical

Below, we had a little conversation about the strange coincidence (some say "prophecy") found in the Book of Esther and reader ModernChasidish chastised me as follows:

Or how about the fact that the ari claimed that hipul pur meant that haman used a horoscope. Historians revealed that hitler and his crew were heavy into astrology like haman was. The parallels are cool. DB why try to undo the coolness? [sic]
I have reflected on the words of ModernChasidish, and I regret what I have done. Rather than undo the "coolness," I shall now attempt to add to the "coolness."

Hold on to your hats.

Other "cool" parallels between Haman and Hitler

"Historians reveal" that Hitler was a man. So was Haman.
Hitler had a mother. Though the evidence is spotty, we think Haman did, too.
Both men had names beginning with the letter "h"
Hitler was "heavy" into Jew hating, just like Haman.

The inescapable conclusion? Both Haman and Hitler were evil men.

Wow! I don't know about you, but I am blown away. Those parallels sure made things crytal clear! And hey! Wasn't this so much more fun than actual Torah, or scholarly learning?

Thanks for encouraging this mystical moment ModernChasidish!