Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Finally, the famous letter?

Is that David Orlofsky's infamous attack on Nosson Slifkin, posted over at Failed Messiah? Shmarya isn't sure.

And for the record, neither am I.

Regardless of who wrote it, this is a fabulous, not-to-be-missed, specimen of Haredi Newspeak.

The message boils down to this: "Believe the Godolim, no matter what, or you're going to hell," with some unsubstantiated character assassination thrown in for good luck.

How long before the Godol Hador blogger publishes a well-deserved fisking?

Update: The Godol Hador confirms the letter is Orlofsky's but offers important qualifications.
GH also reveals that he helped Orlo bring the letter into line with commonly accepted standards of honesty and decency. I guess those were standards Orlo hadn't learned to respect, living, as he does, among the haredim.