Sunday, November 09, 2014

Why the Israelis aren't like Rosa Parks.

I think the rules against Jews going on the Temple Mount are absurd and wrong, but guys, it's not worth risking lives over. Sure Israeli Jews have rights. They also have brains. Use them.

NOTE: Don't compare this to Rosa Parks, ok? The civil rights struggle was not about getting a better seat on a bus. It was about being recognized as fully human by the ethnic group that held all the strings. If you were black in America you couldn't vote, or get most jobs, or a decent education, or expect to be treated equally under the law. Rosa Parks moved ot the front of the bus because she wanted those things, not a better view of the driver, and these are all things Israelis Jews already have. In Israel, the dominant ethnic group (ie them) already recognizes them as fully human. 

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