Thursday, November 20, 2014

Comment of the day: Share with all racists

>how do you defend against the fact that the guy you've known for years can turn deadly in a minute?

ETNACH: Do you really think like this? Do the math. If there was any real possibility that all or even most of the Arabs you've "known for years" (In what capacity, I'm dying to know -- years of washing your car or selling you oranges?) could or even wanted to spontaneously carry out terror attacks Israel would be a parking lot. It's a tired, old racist discourse: you can't trust THEM because they're not like US. Our exterior always matches our interior, and we can be counted on not to betray you and to exercise principled moral choice, but the black guy, he's just waiting for a chance to rape your sister, the Latino'll steal from you first chance he gets, the queer wants to touch your children and the Arab wants to blow you up or stab you. Hell, they can't even help themselves, it's just a defect they have. They're so far beneath choice and morality that the best you can hope for is to manage them not, God forbid, engage them like humans.

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