Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Let's straighten this out..

So a comment from Garnel made me realize something. Let me show you.

He said: Or maybe the news of another Israeli Jew getting stabbed distracted me. But we see what you care about, eh?

I replied: Never understood this line of criticism. I am not here to report the news. I am here to poke at dopes. Here I poke at Jewish dopes, ie the people who think Obama chewed too much gum,. Elsewhere I poke at atheist dopes, or christian dopes, or - yes - even Arab dopes.

What I realized: Lots of you guys have absolutely no clue. You think I run this blog because I want to attack Zionist or Republicans or whatever subject you're most passionate about. But that's just incidental. The real point - what has always been the real point - of this blog is to attack stupid attitudes and arguments. When I am around Jews who say stupid things, I criticize the stupid things Jews say.When I am around non-Jews who say stupid things, I criticize the stupid things non-Jews. say It just happens to be that Jews are at their most stupid when they're pontificating about Zionism and the latest Fox outrage, and this blog is a Jewish blog. . 

What you don't know - and how could you? I never told you - is that in other forums I behave differently. 

For example,on Facebook I was part of a group called Abraham's Tent where pre-screened Jews and Muslims met for interfaith dialog. The rules on being polite were strict, and the moderators were unyielding, but when Muslims said stupid things, I found a way to point it out. 

Abraham's Tent has a secret, private side group, where members of the main group can yell at each other without being bothered by the moderators. On that forum, I jumped on every dumb Islamic talking point that got repeated (though to be fair, the moderators didn't admit idiots to the secret group, so no one was as bombastically jingoistic as say, Temujin, but we had our arguments.) 

And on Twitter, I respond to Catholics, Muslims, Atheists, Peacniks - anyone really who says something self-evidently dumb. You can follow me and see for yourself.

I guess, its finally become important to me that some of you understand that I'm not an anti-Zionist who supports terrorism. I'm actually a guy who's entirely pro-Zionist (though not pro-Likud). I just can't stand racism, xenophobia, selfishness, sloppy reasoning and the absence of human decency and when some of you Likudniks get riled up that's what comes out.** 

So I poke at it. 

** Yes Garnel, when leftists become riled up some of them go stupid, too. But I'm not around of them. They aren't members of my real or online communities. 

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