Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bad day for Pallywood Pushers

Opening disclaimer
  • I concede that some of the videos purporting to show Israeli crimes against Palestinians are doctored, stripped of context, or even staged. No need to remind me of this.

Some bloggers make a living pointing out alleged discrepancies and errors in videos that purport to show Israeli crimes against Palestinians. I tend to ignore them, like I generally ignore the videos themselves. But last June during the crises over the three missing boys, I saw some variation of this whiny complaint all over the social networks

"If Israelis kidnapped three Arabs it would be all over the news!!"

I replied by asking:

Ok, please identify Nadeem Nawara and Mohammad Salameh*

Instead of conceding the point, with a "Hmm, you're right. The media didn't say one word about the two Arab kids who were shot by Israeli forces" most double-downed and insisted the videos that showed them being shot had been staged and I was directed to various websites, that "proved" the videos were fake.

Well, yesterday an Israeli border police officer was arrested for killing Nadeem Nawara. In violation of the engagement rules he fired live ammunition at a teenager who was not behaving violently. And the video that depicted this was legit.

  • How often does this kind of thing happen without it being caught on video tape?
  • How many of the other so-called Pallywood videos are also legit?
  • Pretty much every self-proclaimed pro-Israel blogger I know takes the automatic position that all of these videos are fake. Will they rethink that position? Will they realize that this position is false? Will they care?
  • Can we agree that the bloggers and others advocates who continue to scream Pallywood whenever one of these videos emerges are actually hurting Israel's reputation?
If you agree, that Israel and the Jewish people are stronger when we're honest and truthful, please do me the favor of sharing this on Facebook, as I am still unable to do it myself. 

(*They are Hebron residents, ages 17 and 16, who were shot and killed by Israeli soldiers as they walked home from school in May)

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