Monday, November 10, 2014

Has the fuse been lit? (updated)

Over the past few days, the north of Israel caught fire...

Read the Daily Beast's even-handed, non judgemental account of the conflagration here. I thought it was excellent, and can't wait for Garnel and Temujin to tell me why it was actually written by the ghost of Joseph Goebbels.

Unless Israel makes a dramatic gesture, such as indicting the police officers who shot the kid in Cana,  [UPDATE: I am not saying the cop should be indicted only as a gesture. I believe there is probable cause. This should have been clearer] or arresting the punks who lit the other kid on fire, [UPDATE: This refers to the 22 year old who was set on fire last weekend] I don't see how the situation can improve before it gets much worse.

Israel needs courage and leadership. Israel needs to demonstrate that the religious and civil rights of the million plus Palestinians who have neither stabbed anyone nor rammed anyone with a car will be honored and protected.

But all Israel stands to get is bluster and jingoism from angry clowns like Bennet and Netanyahu.

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