Friday, November 07, 2014

No Republican Jews in Congress, save one

There's only one, single Jewish Republican in Congress, and he seems to have loose lips:
"I’ve had the experience where I would go into a temple, and I may know the secret handshake..." -Lee M. Zeldin, the sole Jewish Congressperson in today Times
Um, just who authorized Mr. Zeldin to tell the media about the secret temple handshake? When the Elders find out about this they will be pissssssed.

Hey, why do you suppose the Republicans can't get Jews elected to Congress? My own view is that Jews, generally, oppose Republican candidates because they, generally, oppose douchebaggery, selfishness, and clueless morons who promiscuously mix religion and politics. Certainly, this is why I tend to find myself supporting Democrats (but not always).

Also, we're smart, see, so its harder for Rush-Limbaugh-style demagogues to rile us up with transparently phony BS.  Don't construe this to mean that I think Jewish Republicans are dumb- clearly, plenty of smart people vote GOP - but the GOP gets tons of mileage out of manipulating people who are dumb, and this  avenue isn't available to them in our community.

 Search for more information about Facebook's inability to recognize that legal names don't define our legitimate identities

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