Tuesday, November 11, 2014

First the Mormons, now us?

Now that the Mormons have formally and publicly acknowledged that their founder and prophet had 40 wives, what are the top five things that our non-existent central church should concede?

My List
  • Age of the universe
  • Fallibility of the Sages (At least when it came to their acceptance of Zoroastrian superstition)
  • Origin of the Kabbalah
  • Maculations in the Torah (Heck: Chazal admitted it)
  • Orthodox Judaism is relatively new.
The Mormon concession about their founder's polygamy came about because too many impressionable young Mormons were discovering the truth on the Internet. Sound familiar?
The younger generation of Mormons will benefit from this step, said Samantha Shelley, co-founder of the website MillennialMormons.com in Provo, Utah.
She said she knew of Smith’s polygamous past, but “it’s so easy for people these days to stumble upon something on the Internet, and it rocks their world and they don’t know where to turn.” [SNIP] 
“What you want to do is get out ahead of the problem, and not have someone say, ‘Look at this damaging thing I found that you were trying to keep secret,’ ” [Sarah Barringer Gordon] said.
Hey do you think Mormons have their own Cross Currents or Torah Musings. If so, I wonder how they're dealing with this change of official doctrine? It's never easy for establishment tools when the establishment joins hands with the reformers.

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