Thursday, August 02, 2012

The inadvertently misogynistic ezras nashim at the siyum hashas

Photo by @shaifranklin

Quick comments:

(1) If the women are in a separate section, especially a section that is higher than the men's section, a curtain is overkill. The point is to be separate. And if the woman are separate, they don't have to be invisible. This is doubly true when the men aren't praying.

(2) It would have been nice to give the women, in their poor seats, a discount on the cost of admission.

(3) It would have been even nicer to put the women, on the floor (behind a mechitzah, of course).

Though its true many speakers complimented and thanked women for supporting their husbands,  a few concrete gestures such as those mentioned above would have meant much more.

Search for more information about going too far and inadvertently appearing misogynistic 


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