Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Siyum Tweets

I'm not in attendance, but I will be posting interesting odds and ends about the siyum as  I come across them. Check back as this post will be updated frequently.

I have to say, all of these  tweets are pretty inspiring. Can I make it to 2020?? 

L'Chaim Music ‏@LChaimMusic
These Tzeduka collecters here are probably going home with a nice amount. Imagine just 100K $1 bills. #SiyumHaShas

Talia Rona ‏@TaliaRona
The men's section definitely has hot dogs. We just get mezonos maven. and a green mechitza! #siyumhashas

Yossi Mendelson ‏@RabbiYossie
The rain clouds move away from MetLife stadium for the #siyumhashas

Ezra Glinter ‏@EzraG
Dinner at the #Siyum #SiyumHaShas

Eric Schorr ‏@JerseySchorr
Pre-event entertainment. #siyumhashas

Choir Sings, by the Star Ledger

From the Star Ledger

Elly Storch ‏@estorch
Entering @metlifestadium I felt the way Jews must have felt going to the Beis Hamikdash when Olah L'regel.#Achdus #siyum#SiyumHashas12

Post Siyum Dancing by @rivkaht
Shaybod ‏@Shaybod
Dancing now. I am surrounded by litvishe. They are not enthusiastic to Dance. #Siyum

Jokes&Stuff FromJosh ‏@JASFJ
Mazel Tov! Is this where we storm the field? #siyum

M M‏@mayerdaman
Finally siyum

Uri Goldstein ‏@ugoldstein
Inverse proportion between the length of speech and number of people who understand it. #SiyumHashas #Yiddish

Taps ‏@Taps1985
Wow...that clapping must have been quite embarrassing for r' malkiel#siyumhashas

Avi-Gil ‏@Avi_Gil
finally switched to english and got applause #siyumhashas #siyum

Josh Grajower ‏@joshgraj
I just don't understand. English = everyone can understand. Yiddish = exclusion. So chaval. #siyumhashas 

Where are all the Vishnitz Hasidim?

From the New York Times
Yoely Lebovits ‏@Badchen
Rav Dovid Olewski suggesting, to grab a moment and learn anything Torah with spouse. #Siyum

Dov Emerson ‏@dovemerson
The total victims of the Holocaust could fill 60 Met Life Stadiums. A powerful and horrible revelation. #siyum hashas

Zvi Hershcovich ‏@cholentface

@EzraG Food options at the #SiyumHaShas #Siyum

Shaybod ‏@Shaybod
I am trying to cut in line with my car. No one let's me. Where is the#Achdus? #Siyum

Uriel Heilman ‏@urielheilman
Somebody'd better turn off the TV screens in the bathrooms at the#siyumhashas broadcasting divrei Torah

from Time Magazine

Todd Cohn‏@toddcohn
Share in the seudas mitzvah on the way to#siyum hashas

Shai Franklin‏@shaifranklin
Suggested topic for next #SiyumHashas: Review hilchos mechitza...

by  @SWinTraining

by @rivkahat

Elly Storch ‏@estorch
R Ely Kleinman just said we are in a "giant" makom kadosh. Was the pun intended? #siyum #SiyumHashas12 #SiyumHashas

Zvi Hershcovich ‏@cholentface
"I drove ALL THE WAY HERE from VERMONT, & this is the FIRST SIYUM I've been to that doesn't have any cake!" - Angry man at the#SiyumHaShas

#SiyumHaShas holy cow 90,000 people. I'm sure Rav Meir Shapiro never envisioned this

#siyumhashas on big screens during recitation of Tehillim (Psalms), a perhaps unexpected juxtaposition of

Barry Schwartz‏@rustybrick
Prayers in jumbo screen and women behind curtain. Too funny.

M M‏@mayerdaman
Thankfully they gave out reading

rivkaht ‏@rivkaht
No indication of where women can enter. Sigh. #siyum


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