Thursday, August 30, 2012

Other, better invocations

Not to beat on Rabbi Dr Famous Last Name, but after the jump we have a small collection of invocations given by Orthodox Rabbis that put to shame the good Rabbi Dr's RNC performance.

Rabbi Efram Goldberg

He's mean to me on Twitter, but this is some solid invocating

Rabbi Shea Harling

Very well done -- and with no mention of his real God, the rebbe, until the very end.

Rabbi Shneur Oreichman

Long winded, way too heavy with the Lubov porpoganda, and also, strictly speaking, not an invocation. But a nice little vort all the same.

Rabbi Solomon Schiff

Powerfully well done. Finished in under 90 seconds. And his suit fits.

Rabbi Arnold Scheinberg

Another dignified presentation.

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