Friday, August 31, 2012

How Mitt lost my vote

Convention concluded, I can now give you my reasons for opposing the candidacy of Mitt Romney (in no particular order)

1) The lies: The complete distortion of "you didn't build that" left me unable to like or trust Romney and as detailed on this blog and elsewhere, that's just the tip of the fabrication iceberg. If you can't win fairly, don't play the game.

2) The punting of his past: Once upon a time Romney was pro choice and pro socialized medicine. I could have supported a sensible fellow like that (below) but what was I supposed to do after he made such a show of announcing that is no longer what he is?

3) The nitwit VP: We were promised that Ryan had intellectual heft but as yet it hasn't been on display. What we've seen instead is an over eager College Republican. The Ayn Rand crap is worrying, too. She is the sort of childish thing that appeals to adolescents (including yours truly, I fully admit) that most of put aside as we come to realize that weakness isn't a vice and selfishness isn't a virtue. It's not true that Obama hates success (he's a success and the man oozes self-love) but it is true that Rand-ites hate people who need help. (excluding bankers and car makers, and "self-reliant" rich people who just pay people to do things on their behalf)

4) I really don't like republicans: I don't mean the individuals, I mean the stereotype (which is all too often embodied in ways large and small in the individuals) I don't like smugness. I don't like contempt for minorities or women or homosexuals. I don't like religious bromides. I don't like theological certainties. I don't like hillbilly swagger and fake machismo. I don't like anti-intellectualism or disdain for learning. I don't like people who don't read books. I don't like selfishness or obnoxious claims of self reliance from people who rely on servants or government programs or tax funded roads and bridges. I don't like callousness. I don't like obtuseness. I don't like using claims of morality or divine law to hurt or hold people back. So, for better or for worse, I don't like republicans. And as we've seen even a once sensible seeming moderate like Romney can't run as a Republican without pretending to be one.

I enter every campaign season with an open mind, and knowing that Romney was a left leaning governor of a liberal state I think I gave him a solid chance. I did the same for McCain who only lost my vote after selecting stupid Sarah and giving the American people a giant FU. (I think that's Weisletier's line) I want to say Romney lost my vote by turning out to be a liar with no principles, no core, and no charisma but it's possible I won't be able to vote for a Republican again until Republicans stop being so stereotypically republican.


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