Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just who is shaking his fist at God?

Writing at Slate, Jesse Berring, explains why the Chik-fil-a people and their supporters are likely dead wrong about God, and what he wants. As you recall, the chicken king suggested that attempts to redefine marriage are "prideful" and "arrogant". Why we may even be "shak[ing] our fist at him!" His thinking, I presume, goes like this: Gay marriage is wrong, because sex between men is wrong. And that's wrong because the Bible said so. And the Bible is right because the Bible was written by God.

Clear enough? Well, hold on because that's about to be turned inside out.

See, the Bible isn't God's only composition. He created the human body, too, so we can anticipate that the design of the body tells us something about how He wishes for us to behave. The male human body was created with something called the coronal ridge (that umbrella-like lip beneath the glans.) As Berring explains, the coronal ridge seems to be a neat little tool designed to remove sperm cells from the vaginal canal. That's right, true believers. Our penises come equipped with smart little tools, uniquely designed, created, or evolved (your pick!) to neutralize sexual competitors. Berring continues:
Any person who would therefore tout the virtues of heterosexual monogamy as the created natural order is only slapping God in the face. Given this anatomical feature, what all men really should be doing is putting their penises to the promiscuous use for which they were intentionally designed. And about every other day, women should fill their vaginal canals with the seminal fluid of a different man. If that makes you uncomfortable, take it up with the Creator—that is, if you’re so brazen and arrogant as to question how he engineered our bodies to work. You couldn’t possibly be so bold as to think that God would give what is arguably man’s most critical body part its distinctive ridgeline as a mere frivolous flourish, or even by mistake?
How can you (not you) prattle on about what God wants, etc, without taking into account how He designed human beings? He gave us a tool that takes it for granted that women will be promiscuous! Why would he do that?
So the natural order, as indicted by the bodies God created is not one man + one woman, or even the biblicaly blessed one man + as many women as you can afford. No, no. What the design of our body, in fact, seems to say is that we men were designed with the expectation that women would be sleeping with as many men as possible.

To disagree is to shake your fist at God, of course.

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