Thursday, August 16, 2012

Diaper Deception

The inventor of the kosher diapers is a liar, twice over. Here's what it says in today's Daily News:
Observant Jews aren’t supposed to open regular disposable diapers with adhesive glue-laden fasteners during the Sabbath because the ripping motion is considered “work,” which is forbidden..... 
First lie: You're allowed to open adhesive fasteners on Shabbos. It was never a problem. I don't know who spoke the words cited above (the News does not attribute them) by the diaper king seems to agree that there was some kind of problem with diapers, a problem his product addresses. Later in the article, he says "“I solved their problem for them.”

Which brings us to the second lie: Velcro diapers have been around forever. Here's a Huggies advertisement from 1995:

The kosher diaper guy didn't solve anything. He ripped off someone else's solution.

Well done, Daily News! Crack journalism as always!

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