Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How far would Nate go?

Here's question for Nate, who below claims that executing Amalakites is something he'd be pleased to do:

Noble Nate:

Congratulations on your bravery!  I deeply admire your desire to carry out this commandment. Some questions for the sake of clarification:

(1) Will you set up camps, and ship the Amalekites there by cattle car, or will you just shoot them on sight?
(2) If the former, is the psak head shots only or is there room to be maikel and permit death by beatings and deprivations as well?
(3) If the latter, will you insist that the work be done silently, as a demonstration of awe or is it preferable to let the children experience the joy of fulfilling God's will, even if they will make noise, and create a distraction?
(4) If we let the children participate must we limit them to gesturing with a hand across the throat as the trains pass, or may they also screech "GOODBYE AMALAKITES! GOODBYE AMALAKITES!"

Search for more information about the horrid halachic journal articles Nate would write  at4torah.com  

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