Tuesday, May 15, 2012

More anti-science nonsense from Avi Safran

How does Avi Safran find the nerve to churn out nonsense like this on a regular basis?
Once again: the climate may in fact be in crisis  What discomforts me, though, is the stance of those who insist that they know with absolute surety—which they can’t—that it is. And that by lambasting any who dare dissent from their pronouncement, they show unwillingness to even consider the possibility that the world G-d created for us humans may not need our help to stay inhabitable—that, in His wisdom, He may have imbued not only our skin with the ability to heal its wounds, but the earth’s to do the same. 
If the climate "may in fact" be in crises, why is he criticizing scientists for lack of faith? His opening sentence concedes they may be right to worry. And though comparing the earth to the human body is a flawed analogy, why doesn't Avi see how his own analogy trips him up? Yes, the human body has the power to heal itself, but human beings also have the power to kill each other! Is it really such a serious lack of faith to suggest we also have the power to "kill" the earth?

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